Update on Linda

As of today, 20 June, our broody hen Linda has now hatched out 4 little peepers! What you see in this photo is Lindas wing and the 1st one, just a little bal;l of fluff. Needless to say we are very excited. More as it comes in!

The List

I’ve listed some of the Documentaries that have lately inspired me, with a short review.

Food Inc – this is an examination of where our food comes from and what effect it has on us and the environment.

Forks over knives – Learn how to help your doctor heal yourself, a life changing look.

Food Matters – how our bodies process the fuel we give ourselves and what consiquences our choices have

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – JUICE!!! very inspirational stories

**** The ones listed above, I believe, should be required viewing before you eat at McDonalds

The Future of Food – what do genetically modified foods mean to our diets

King Korn – how many ways do you KNOW you eat corn in a day

The Beautiful Truth – a yopung boys perspective to health and can diseases like cancer be cured with diet alone

The next few should be seen as a public service, considering that we thank bees for every 3rd bite we eat

Queen of the Sun – Bees are wonderful and disapearing

Bees: Tales from the Hive – Whatg more need be said

Vanishing of the Bees – if you already hate Monsanto, you’ll really hate them after this, if you don’t have an opinion on genetically modified organisms, you will

this is a short list, all are available on netflix, please watch them for your health.

Linda went broody!!!

As a running joke, whenever we find a chicken that reminds us of a person we know, they get the name.  Linda is Carrie, my wifes, mom. When our kids were little, I called Linda the ‘bath grandma’  because I swear that I could drop them off and before I pulled  away, both girls would be in a bath. Bathes are a very important part of Linda and Carries lives,  so when one of our light brahma hens started to take the chicken dust bath, we noticed one that was the first one in the bath and the last one out, naturally she became Linda. Recently, Linda went broody.

When a hen gets broody, they are sitting on their eggs to hatch them naturally. Key word is ‘naturally’.  In mans ultimate obsession to control the natural processes that should be taken for granted, chickens have lost the desire to sit on their own eggs.  Once in a while, a chicken will get the urge to sit and raise a brood, hence the ‘broody” part.  After a year, we finally have a broody hen, Linda. 1 outta 18 hens, not a good average.

Raising our birds has been a most educational project, as a family we have learned more in the first year than I ever imagined was involved in the whole poultry industry.  Watching these suckers grow from cute little puff balls into the noisy demanding group that they are now, has been a journey.  When we started, my idea was fresh eggs and meat, so I ordered a straight run of light Brahmas.  !st mistake! A straight run is whatever they pick out of the incubator, rooster or hens. We got 17 rooster out of 25 birds, roosters crow.  It’s cute to watch them learn, the first few days were fun watching these little roos acting all big and tough, mock fighting and hunting food.  17 roosters that start crowing at 3 am, is a royal pain in the ass!  What starts a rooster to crow IS NOT the sunrise, but if I can ever find the reset button on the remaining roosters….. Continue reading

So True!

So True!

My daughter used this in a power point thing for school, just thought I’d pass it on.

The negative conversation

It’s easy to be the negative one when talking about food and sane production of it.  ‘I don’t like that’, ‘but there’s no meat’,’you lose a lot of selection when you cut out all the meat’ yeah, yeah!  First of let me say I LIKE MEAT, pork,chicken and yes, even beef.  Fish, all of ’em! BUT, I also know that during the evolution of man we didn’t always have great quantities of meat, it was to hard to find, and then the killing thing. jeez!  So historically we were vegetarians who fell of the wagon at every opportunity. At this time, somewhere in the deep dark recesses of our primal brains, we decided that the 3 main flavors/textures we crave were sweet, salty and fatty.  The sweet berries gave us a refreshing boost of energy and were probably easier to find, they’ll even be here next year! Salt goes without saying and it has some very good preservative qualities for food.  Fat, that’s what we need to sustain ourselves, packed with the stored calories of the animal who till so recently wore it. Those 3 flavors got us from caves to condominiums, if you consider that an improvement.

Next we learned to cook!  Thank you Lord for that divine gift.  Then farming and animal husbandry soon followed. well you know the story. We went from hunter/gatherers to farmers/ranchers to shoppers, all in the cosmic blink of an eye. But our bodies don’t evolve as fast as our brains and that reptilian part where we store instincts never really progresses past the survival mode.  Here in lies that problem, in the old days the grocery store looked like a field, with animals roving about, wild vegetables here and there. And we shopped it! Fast forward thru time, the modern supermarket has it all, you ‘hunt’ down an aisle and ‘gather’ what ever you need or want and proceed to the checkout. With the knowledge that it will all be here again tomorrow.  No bows and arrows, no cleaning and skinning, just packages of nice cuts no skin, and in most cases no bone.(?)  Convenience has reared it’s lazy head!

As an american, I love convenience!  we even name things with it( convenience store). It is so easy!!!  But remember the hunter/gatherer, that’s us. We have a set amount of calories that we need for basic survival, and before fast and packaged foods it was some work to get those calories. Not now!!! You can get a delicious Carl’s Junior double bacon cheese burger (fatty) with a super order of fries (salty) and a large drink (sweet) that has 2 times the caloric content needed for a day, by just asking! And if you want, we can do that 3 times a day, and some of us do! Your body is a great fuel storage device (maybe the gas people should take note) and if you put too much fuel in it, it will only use what you need.  And store the rest, usually on your butt or around your stomach.  Think back to those cave dudes (thanks Danny), they didn’t go kill a buffalo a day and have fresh meat always.  They ate it and their body stored what it didn’t use, then it was a good thing, cuz to-morrow you might be without and need some fuel. The only exercise we get from modern food gathering is walking across the parking lot, and it isn’t an all consuming endeavor that requires a daily expenditure of time and calories (‘stop by the store real quick, will you?’).  We go to the market once maybe twice a week. Very convenient.

So many things we take for granted. somebody kills the animals. processes them , removes the bone, cuts intro the exact size and weight and then you can pay someone else to cook it, if you wan Continue reading

A new Religion

Well, here we go again!  I’ve tried the blog thing before and kinda got into a funk and lost all interest, till recently.  About 2 months ago, I started really paying attention to what I eat and the way it affects my body and personality.  I went from the “organic is to expensive, even though I know it’s better for my family and me” mindset to a very heavily based thought process to make this work for our health. I can honestly say that, we Continue reading